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Pisonet box ( project )


Yes, since I am indeed from the Philippines, then, I must say that It's More Fun in the Philippines! Why, imagine nowadays that anywhere in the slum areas of Metro Manila, you can find what is called cheap internet machine - the Pisonet.

From the name itself, Pisonet is literally a computer mounted and assembled in a wooden safe box where a timer is the one that determines how long a player sitting in the seat in front of the machine will be using it. As per observation, I saw that Pisonet is a 4-minute use for your 1 peso meaning, if you rent a 15 pesos, you will be given 1 hour of use of the machine.

What's good with this business is that the pisonet box is secure while you get to give your customers the option to play on a staggered time basis based on what or how long he or she needs to play in the computer or use it online for any purpose. With the pisonet, anyone and everyone can now have their Facebook account and use the service of the internet without spending so much renting in an internet cafe.

Yes, the Piso net is an internet cafe on the run and in retail minutes made available to anyone who is looking to use it for a certain time at a cheaper option by minutes.

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read carefully
Marami nag maling akala,
inakala kasama computer set,
Pisonet box po benta kong producto,
willing po ako tumulong sa mga plano nyo mag tayo ng

minimum order of 10units and up, 
 f0r single sl0t 1,500 per unit , 
f0r dual sl0t 1,800 per unit

orders of LESS THAN 10 units (9 units and bel0w) ,

f0r single slot 1,900 per unit, 
f0r dual sl0t 2,200 per unit.  

Dual slot 5 and P1so =
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Single slot Either 5peso coin or P1so
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UPDATE: APRIL 29, 2014

Dear: beloved customers/Clients
 Good day
  To open your business in PISONET cafe, 50% down payment  the initial charge to buy all materials to create a pisonet box, it depends how many of units (minimal is 10 or more units)  
>parang downpayment lang po 50% with f0rmal written agreement issued to client to be signed by client and me<
(pipirma muna ng c0ntract at magd0d0wn bago umpisahan yung project pisonet at kng kelan magstart )

You can Downpayment in my nearest BPI at yung Final pay na 50% ay personal nalang i abot pag na finish at na setup na ang mga PISONET BOX Project sainyo business location

and to very long location like visayas at mindanao, i can deliver all package via LBC or AIR21
(PAY 1ST the  final pay of another 50% in finish project bago ideliver)
[with in the package i input the instructions to how install or setup the pisonet box]


Wonderful location na pag tatayuan ng pwesto nito Pisonet ay sa mga Sumusunod.

1. dahil malapit na mag back to School, ay magandang pwesto sa mejo malayo-layo sa school. pag ka alam ko pag oras uwian ng mga students... ay surely dadagsaan mga student sa internet cafe. para mag DOTA, CS, SF, etc... 
(pag ka alam ko kasi may ordinansa sa metro manila)

Internet Cafe's Not allowed to places near School...

By Ms J Online Manila PH 10:09 AM
Here in Manila ...i guess not in every places in the country... they implemented a rule not allowing Internet Cafes to operate in places near school. Or they have a sort of like TIME that they wont allow students going inside these establishments... to discourage students from going to cafes on school hour. 

I think this is a lot of students are hooked on computer nowadays and their grades might be affected if they are spending most of their time on internet cafes. Spending their allowances there.... i knew some kids in the neighborhood who does things like that. Not only that they spend their allowances there but also had an ulcer for not eating on lunch hour, and their grades were badly affected coz they often cut classes. 

These kids must be taught really hard how important for them to study. I dont have anything against computers, gaming, internet...but Im just worried about these kids. And imagine the money their parents spent for them each year. To think these kids are rich and can afford... but they dont like schooling at all. 

So many kids on the street couldnt even afford to go even to public school and here they are the so callled rich kids.. spending their school time at cafes. 

Some parents doesnt allow their kids at home to use the pc.... or limits the time of use....and its the reason these kids sneak up in school. Absent or cuts classes.

Anyway...this is also the reason why some key cities here in Manila has this ordinance ...and hopefully Internet Cafe owners will be responsible enough....not just mind only the money coming inside their pockets. I wonder if they have ordinances like these in another country.


Parents watch out.... they said PREVENTION is always better than CURE! 
2. magandang pwesto din ay sa Public market, like sample Pasig palengke,, Guadalupe market. Etc
3. maganda rin sa 24hrs na canteen or gotohan, lugawan
4. magandarin sa Tricycle terminal o TODA
At 3 types of secured location na pwede i tayo ang shop
1. Kalapit ng Brgy hall
2. Kalapit ng Police station
3. Kalapit ng Security guard

Let me incharge also in windows installation and application software installation that additional 300/desktop
I like to help you to your business plan in PISONET CAFE

Ang Piso Net ay isang Coin-operated Computer Business. 

note: may nag request dati na fiber glass sa gilid... aditional 200 per pieces fiber glass, (depend sa sukat)
1. Hindi mo kailangan ng malaking puhunan para makapag-umpisa ng negosyo
2. Hindi mo kailangan kumuha ng taga-bantay para gumana ang mga computers mo
3. Hindi mo kailangan alamin ang kumplikadong mundo ng computer para makapag-umpisa ng negosyo
4. Hindi mo kailangan bumilang ng taon bago mo mabawi ang iyong puhunan
5. other benefits ng piso net is anti kupit sa nagbabantay at anti pangungutang ng mga players na karaniwang sanhi ng paglipat ng ibang computer shop kapag may utang na sayo.

Pag malapit na maubos ang oras ng hinulog na barya, ang cutomer na mismo ang maghuhulog ng barya para madagdagan ang oras nila at also sila mag papalit sayo ng barya sa buong 5pesos o 10pesos at ibapa

the best nito actual namin gawin sa inyo lugar mismo or Samin bahay mag bubuo ng project.... is doesnt matter location nyo basta luzon lang sakop namin at pwede nadin ang visayas at mindanao via shipment or personal deliver and install it to your business locations
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     watch my video : CREATING PISONET TABLE (is very hard work to do this )
    updated Ginawa ko with my friend mahal ito almost 4500 isa

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    And also i can do 5 peso coin operated cellphone charger
    Single 2500
    Dual 4800
    Note: Ill used High quality Universal charger

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